Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the structure of Tri-City Little League?

Tri-City Little League is an all-volunteer non-profit organization affiliated with Little League baseball since its inception in 1960.  The league is managed by a Board of Directors that administer the league in accordance with the league constitution, which is voted on and approved by the league membership.  Any parent within the league is eligible for membership.

The Board of Directors is elected annually at our closing ceremonies, which are conducted at the conclusion of the regular season in June.

In 2015, the league has plans for teams in eight divisions: TBall, Farm, Minor A, Minor AA, Minor AAA, Major, Junior & Challenger. 

Tri-City is a member of District 11 Little League, comprised of teams from the Sierra Foothills including: Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, Bear River, Penn Valley, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Foresthill, Mid-Placer (Newcastle) & Sierra Foothills.

When is Opening Day?

Opening Day for 2015 is scheduled on March 7th.

What can I expect on Opening Day?

Tri-City has traditionally held Opening Day ceremonies in the morning.  The ceremony consists of an introduction of all teams and managers, the playing of the national anthem, recognition of local officials and our fundraising raffle prize drawing.  

How are teams determined? Can my child play on the same team as his friend? Can I request a certain coach?

Tri-City has several methods of putting together teams depending on the division.

TBall, Farm, Minor A Divisions - Players may request to play with a friend or request placement on a specific manager's team.  The league will try, to the best of its ability, to honor requests.  

Minor AAA, Minor AA Divisions - These divisions are drafted in their respective order by managers after tryouts.  11 year olds not selected to play in the Major Division must be selected by a Minor AAA team.  10 year olds not selected to play in the Minor AAA Division must be selected by a Minor AA team.

Major Division - The Major Division is a “Keeper” division.  Players drafted to play in the major division remain the “property” of that team throughout the balance of their Little League eligible years.  Players are drafted to fill the remaining slots for Major Division rosters by managers based upon a mandatory tryout for non-returning players.  All 12 year olds must play within the Major Division unless specifically requested by a parent to remain in the Minor Division and approved by the District 11 Administrator.

Junior Division - Junior Division players are drafted by managers after a mandatory tryout by all eligible players.

 This is my child's first year playing baseball.  In which division should I register my child?

Our TBall, Farm and Minor A Player Agent will be happy to help you determine the appropriate division for your player.  Please send an email to

Which divisions have tryouts and do we have to attend?

 For players in the TBall, Farm and Minor A divisions, there are NO try-outs.  

Junior, Major, Minor AA and Minor AAA managers select their rosters based upon a player tryout held in January. 

Players aged 10-12 must attend the tryout to be eligible for the Major Division.  12 year olds who are not currently on a Major roster and do not attend the tryout will not be eligible to play. 

Players aged 8-11 are strongly encouraged to attend tryouts for the Minor AA and Minor AAA Divisions.  7 year olds are not encouraged to play in the Minor AA Division, but can attend the tryout if desired by the parent.   11 year olds not selected to play in the Major Division must be selected by a Minor AAA manager.  10 year olds not selected to play in the Minor AAA Division must be selected by a Minor AA manager. Players  aged  7-9 not selected to play in the Minor AA Division will be assigned to a team in the Minor A Division by the Division Player Agent.

What are tryouts and why are they required?

Tri-City Little League uses a player tryout system to evaluate a player’s skill level relative to others within the division.  Tryouts for the Major, Minor AAA and Minor AA Divisions are held over a two-day period.  The league expects as many as 200 players will be evaluated during the tryout.  Players will be assigned a time slot upon arrival and group with players around their playing age to try and match skill level as much as possible.

When the player arrives at the tryouts they will be directed to the registration table. Only players who are paid registrants through the Tri-City Little League web site will be allowed to participate in the tryouts. The players will all be given an identification number to attach to the back of their shirt, and then directed to the warm-up area 30 minutes prior to their time slot.  During the tryout, each player will be evaluated while performing the following drills:

1)      Catching long fly balls, typically 3 chances thrown by a machine

2)      Long throw after catching the fly balls

3)      Relaying throws from one player to another

4)      Fielding ground balls and throwing to 1st base

5)      Playing first base and receiving throws

6)      Batting

Each player rotates from positions 1) through 5) above until all players have had their opportunity.  Once all players have completed the first 5 drills, each player will have an opportunity to hit machine pitched baseballs. 

How do I know what team my child is on?

For players in divisions Minor AA and up, you should be notified by your team manager mid-January.  For players in TBall, Farm and Minor A, you should be notified by your team manager by the end of January.

 When do practices start?


Practices can start as early as February 1st, but the actual start date is determined the team manager.  TBall, Farm and Minor A divisions may start a little later, around mid-February.

Can I keep my child in a lower division?

Parents of players aged 8-11 can request to stay in a lower division upon approval by the player agent for the respective division requested.  Parents of players aged 12 can request a Little League waiver to play in the Minor AAA division.  Each request must be approved by the Tri-City Board of Directors and subsequently forwarded to the District 11 Administrator for final approval.

Please be aware of the following conditions when approved to play in a lower division:
  • Players will not be eligible for a future “call-up” to replace players in a higher division.
  • 12 year olds are not eligible to pitch in the minor division
  • Players will not be eligible for All-Stars
 What is a “call-up”?

Little League regulations require Major Division teams to play with the same number of players on each roster.  In addition, Tri-City applies this rule to its Minor AA and AAA Divisions.  Should any Major, Minor AAA or Minor AA team lose a player during the season for any reason, a process has been put into place to replace players with players from a lower division.

    Players requested to move-up should see the promotion to the higher division as a positive experience for the player.  Players are not required to accept a call-up to a higher division.  However, if a player declines a request to move-up, the player will be ineligible for future opportunities to move up to the higher division.

 How long does the season last?

The Tri-City regular season runs from March to June.  At the end of the regular season, a number of District post-season tournaments will be played.  These tournaments will include one team from the Junior Division and two teams from the Major Division and will conclude near the end of June.  All-Star teams will be selected in mid-June to participate in the Little League tournament beginning with the District 11 All-Star tournament beginning in July. 

 When and where are practices held?

Tri-City has agreements with the City of Rocklin and the Rocklin Unified School District to utilize fields in the local area to conduct practices.  These fields as well as the Tri-City ball fields located at Johnson Springview Park will be used prior to opening day and during the season for practices.  Practice schedules will be created and given to managers in January and practices will begin in early February.

Where are games played?

Major, Minor and TBall games will all be played on the Tri-City ball fields at Johnson Springview Park.

Junior and Senior Division teams interleague with Rocklin, Lincoln and Auburn Little Leagues.  Games will be played Monday through Friday at these league facilities as well as Tri-City.

When and at what time are games played?

Games will be played Monday through Saturday.  Games schedules will be completed in February, given to managers and posted on the Tri-City web site.  Weekday games for the Junior and Major division will begin at 6pm.  Minor and TBall games will begin at 5:30.

What equipment and uniform needs will my child have for the season?

All teams will be equipped with catcher’s gear, batting helmets and a bat.

Tri-City will supply all players with a baseball hat and jersey. 

Players should purchase baseball pants, and baseball cleats

In addition to a baseball glove, Tri-City recommends all players purchase and wear a protective cup. 

Are there rules for minimum playing time?
Each division has minimum playing rules for all players. 

Junior Division:  In a 7-inning game, each player is required to play a minimum of 9 defensive outs and have one at-bat. 

Major Division: In a 6-inning game, each player is required to play a minimum of 9 defensive outs and a minimum of one at-bat.

Minor AAA and AA Divisions: All players will play a minimum of 3 innings (9 defensive outs) in a 4 or 5 inning game and 4 innings in a 6 inning game.  In addition, players must play a minimum of one inning at an infield position per game (1B, 2B, 3B, SS, P, and C).  In the Minor Divisions, a continuous batting order is employed.

Minor A Division: All players will play an infield position (1B, 2B, 3B, SS, P, and C) for a minimum of two consecutive innings.

Am I required to volunteer my time during the season?

Tri-City Little League is an all-volunteer organization.  The league strives to have all families participate in making the season a great experience for all.  One way the league tries to achieve this goal is to require all families to serve two shifts in a snack bar per season. 

Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be discussed?

Tri-City wants to ensure that each family will have an opportunity to address any concern.  The league asks that you first address concerns with your manager.  If you would like to address concerns with a league official, your first point of contact should be the Player Agent of your respective division.  The contact information can be found under our Board of Directors link.  In addition, a board member will be in attendance on each day that a game is scheduled.  The Board Member on Duty will be identified at each snack bar.