*Little League Age Definition

Please click HERE to view the Little League age chart for details on your child's league age.


*Tri City Little League Age and Division Summary


 4 - 5 Tball 
 5 - 6 Farm 
 6 - 9 Minor A 
 7 - 10 Minor AA 
 8 - 11 Minor AAA 
 10 - 12 Majors
 12 - 13 50 / 70 Intermediate
 13 - 14  Juniors



Tryouts for divisions Minor AA, Minor AAA and Majors will take place on Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21.  Players only need to attend one day.

Tryouts for Intermediate (50/70) and Junior divisions will take place on Monday, January 22.



********** New for 2018 *************

* Intermediate (50/70) Division comes to TCLL!  

The division will be open to league-age 12 and 13 year olds and will utilize 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot base paths. Note:  If your child is league age 12 and selects 50/70 Intermediate division, they will not be eligible to play in Major division.    50/70 Intermediate division offers a transition between the standard Little League field size (46-foot pitching distance and 60-foot base paths) and the Junior field size (60-foot pitching distance and 90-foot base paths).  Many of the Junior League rules will be used such as runners being permitted to lead off bases, and runners may attempt to steal at any time.  Games will be seven innings.


* Junior, 50-70 Intermediate, Major and Minor Division Draft Method

All Minor AA, Minor AAA, Major, 50/70 and Junior division teams will follow the redraft method.  This means that there will be no titled players and all teams will be newly drafted every year.



Registration Fees for 2018

Tball - Fees for the Tball division have been REDUCED to early registration amount of $85 and a regular registration amount of $100

We are updating our fundraising for the 2018 season as registration fees do not fully cover the cost of running the league.  In the past, the league has focused fundraising efforts on the sale of raffle tickets, however for this year the board has decided to focus it's fundraising efforts on the Hit-a-Thon.  

Unfortunately in the past, more families have viewed different fundraising efforts as optional, so we are now asking each family to purchase a pledge of $25 per player as a deposit towards each of the players Hit-a-Thon account. Players will then be eligible to generate further pledges and allow them the opportunity to win prizes based on the total amount of Hit-a-Thon pledges earned.  Additional details on the prizes and the breakdown to be provided at a future date.  

Reminder for Junior Division/High School Players

Any high school player that is planning to play in the Junior division at TCLL at the conclusion of the high school season MUST register by and attend tryouts on January  


We are now accepting applications for managers and coaches for the 2018 season.  The application can be found HERE.

Any questions about registration can be sent to info@tricitylittleleague.com.  Click HERE to get started on the registration process.